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About Us

Women support women. This is what drives us into creating this platform for you and give out the best quality product to ensure it fits your standard and needs. We are together to empower the rest of us to have the freedom to express in what we do or wear.

Women empowerment is more than just seeking out for equal cerebral opportunities. It is about the principle and values we hold as a woman and strength that makes us who we are and unites us all. We are bound to inspire and be inspired of all amazing things we can do as a woman. We truly hope our efforts to achieve that will be reciprocated.
Sweating out doesn’t mean you will have to look less cute. In fact, with us, you are going to look super good.  And we want you to look extra stunning and feel great with our 2nd Peach apparels in every aspects of your daily life.

The times when you are not busting out your bomb peaches at gym, you can choose us to style you! Not only casually, but SEXILY. – Yeah, we have sophisticated line of casual, pyjamas and lingerie too baby.

You may not want us, but you need us! Add to cart and checkout if you don’t believe!

We warn you; This is ADDICTIVE! 


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