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Did You Know?

Fashion indsutry is one of the largest contributors to the climate & ecological crisis. Reported figures shown the industry responsible for between 2-8% of global carbon emissions with a recent authoritative report placing it at 4%.

In a world where every choice we make leaves an indelible mark / footprint on the planet, the decision to weave the tapestry of our lives with threads of sustainability is a profound one. It is a journey we embark upon with the fervent belief that our actions today shape the landscape of tomorrow.

Choosing the path of sustainability in activewear, we don't just wear garments; we embody a movement. It's a movement that resonates with purpose, integrity, and a collective responsibility towards a better, more sustainable future.

Therefore, efftective of 1st Nov 2023.

We make changes, baby steps changes but big impact to the world.

Role 1 - Product

~ Certified recycled materials ~ We believe in making difference without compromising on quality, comfort, style and fair price that won't break the bank. Our goal is advocating for a world where style and sustainability coexist seamlessly. Hence, effortlessly beautiful & long lasting pieces thatwe created is to elevate our active lifestyle with a fair price.

We don't simply source the material, we only want the best and create the best for our customers. Therefore, we only accept recycled materials that are approved and certified by Global Recycled Standard. In case, you don't know what is Global Recycled Standard - The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled input.

GRS certified recycled products must contain a minimum of 50% of recycled and sustainably processed material. The recycled content in textile products must receive adequate identification and traceability along the entire chain of custody. Each stage of production is required to be certified.

We have started our Recycled Nylon series since Sept 2023, such as Nori collections & Ember collections. Both recycled nylon materials consist more than 50% of Recycled & Sustainably process materials.

Our mission, by 4th quarter of 2024, we will only create ethical products that is good to you, good to her, kind to the planet. We will fully focus on sourcing sustainable materials (Recycled Nylon) and every pieces we create, we ensure to minimize the footprint on earth, we ensur to reduce carbon emission by only choosing recycled fabrics & yarn.

Role 2 - People

~ A commiment to community well-being ~

At the heart of our company beats a commitment to community well-being, a pledge to share the fruits of success, and a belief that businesses can be catalysts for positive change.

No doubt that a business's profits come from people (community). We don't want just take, we don't even want to look at profits only. We want to give back to the community. We want to help and uplift others espcially vulnerable groups / association like orphan care, children home, down sydrome association in Malaysia.

Our mission, 1% of total monthly sales turnover will contribute back to the community.

Role 3 - Planet

~ Rooted in change, Tree Planting initiative ~

Our goal is pretty simple, we just want to give back to the nature thorugh worldwide tree planting ! We embark on Tree Planting mission that symbolizes our dedication & commitment to a sustainable future.

Our commitment is not rhetoric, it's measured in the number of trees planted.

Our mission, is to achieve 10,000 trees to be planted around the world by Dec 2030.

How we gonna achieve it?
We will take 1% of total monthly sales turnover to contribute for the tree planting project.

Who we collab / partner with for the worldwide tree planting?
One Tree Planted - Tree Planting Projects | One Tree Planted For every purchase, you are helping the world restrore the beautiful forest. Join us on a journey to plant trees and cultivate a legacy of positive change that reverberates across the globe.

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